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"TERRA OPTIMA" provides services in registration and administration of land assets and real property items: development of property complexes, registration of titles, development and approval of area planning documentation, conduction of engineering surveys, preparation of boundary and technical plans - cadastral works in the Moscow region.

A full range of services for most effective use of real property and increase of capitalization.

Advantages of "TERRA OPTIMA": extended working hours, distant consultation, high technical equipment of experts, wide geography and typology of works, convenient scheme of cooperation, deliberate and transparent pricing. Employees appreciate the time and resources of the client.


Cadastral works - complex activities in relation to the items of real property for the purposes of cadastral registration and subsequent registration of title.

The main technical document for cadastral work is created boundary / technical plan, based on which is the primary cadastral registration or changes in the State cadastre of real estate are made – resulting in a cadastral passport for the land plot or the object of capital construction.

Despite the fact that cadastral works represent a wide range of activities, their pricing is quite transparent. The cost of implementation depends on the area of object, a typology of works and labor hour of experts. To calculate the cost, please contact the central office of "TERRA OPTIMA" in Khimki.


The company "TERRA OPTIMA" provides services in execution of cadastral and planning documentation, survey and technical plans, geodetic and cadastral works in the Moscow region.

Since 2009, the group of companies "TERRA OPTIMA" successfully realized more than a thousand of contracts with legal entities and individuals!

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