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The company provides clients with the following services and cadastral services:

• consultations of leading cadastral engineers;

• cadastral registration and registration of titles;

• preparation of boundary and technical plans;

• survey - the establishment of land plot boundaries;

• planning of boundaries (specification / division / association) of land parcels;

• cadastral survey of land parcels and real property;

• judicial / pre-trial land and legal expertise.


The company "TERRA OPTIMA" provides services in execution of cadastral and planning documentation, survey and technical plans, geodetic and cadastral works in the Moscow region.

Офис Терра Оптима в Химках:

141407 Химки, Юбилейный 6А

тел.: +7 (495) 225-53-85

Офис Терра Оптима в Москве:

125493 Москва, Авангардная 3

тел./факс: +7 (495) 961-60-06

График работы Терра Оптима:

понедельник-пятница: с 10:00 до 18:00 (предварительная запись)